Ch. 1 – The Proof

Draxus pulled the trigger of his boom stick, sending a bullet through Strongbeards skull and leaving it firmly nestled within the stone wall behind him. “Bastich…” was all Draxus could say about a man who wanted nothing more than to eat poor defenseless dolphins. Suddenly Draxus felt a cold chill shoot through his body and a surge of pain shoot up his back as a bright light encompassed his sight. The next thing he knew he was being jerked in a direction of unknown origin and started flying at great speed in it. As he was being hurdled in a random direction, his sight returned to his eyes and he sees a gloomy atmosphere around him. Suddenly he hears Bob’s voice:

Bob: “The Lives of people who are unjust must be tried and proven guilty of their crimes
so that justice is served. Also when promising justice, one must succeed or die trying. The Shadowfell is for these people, the ones who are unjust or unable to fulfill their destinies.”

Draxus: “….and?”

Bob: “Perhaps leaving you here for awhile without Bahamut’s protective wards about you
will show you why it is important to have justice served.”

Draxus: “You…do realize I killed my entire village and used to be a pirate, right?”

Bob: “Precisely why Bahamut wants to prove that even the most lost of his chosen people
can arise from the ashes of destruction and rebuild Arkosia.”

Draxus: “Arkosiwhat? You Bastich’s shanghaied me into this gig and now you want me
to do even more?! Frag me…”
Bob sends a surge of electricity through Draxus, causing him to rear in pain.

Bob: “your insolence is the reason why you have been brought here! As the child of
prophecy you must learn to be just and reach your true potential.”
After hearing these words, Draxus suddenly feels the force driving him cease its motion…and he feels gravity take over as he starts to fall a great distance to the ground, landing on his abnormally hard skull and rendering him unconscious. Draxus awakens with a groggy feeling, probably a mild concussion, and feels that his arms are unable to move, along with his legs, or neck for that matter, only to find that he has been tied down to the ground and some strange figures are standing off in the distance, huddled in the middle of some kind of meeting, no doubt planning what to do with him or his hide, knowing black scaled dragon skin goes for a pretty penny on the black market. Draxus notices the rope he is bound with is frail and looks old, and mostly likely is easy to break. He slowly pulls on the ropes and sees the ropes on his legs start to fray, also with the ropes around his neck and wrists as well. As he is pulling on these ropes he sees the group, made of 5 tieflings, break from their huddle and start to head back over to where he is tied down. On their return walk they start to unsheathe their weapons. As they return to Draxus’ side and fail to realize his ropes are about to snap, their supposed leader raises his large scimitar in preparation to remove Draxus’ head. Draxus quickly pulls his neck forward, snapping the ropes binding it, and taking aim at the unfortunate soul he is about to melt out of existence with his acid. A look of horror overcomes the Tieflings face as he sees his fate flying towards him in a green spew of liquid and mist, with the last thing he is ever to feel on this plane being the burning sensation from this black dragonborn.

As his comrades watch in horror as their friend is disintegrated before their very eyes, they all drop their weapons and quickly flee in different directions in an attempt to escape Draxus, but to no avail. Draxus whips out his boom stick and takes aim at the other Tiefling within the group closest to him, and attempts to fire a shot into his shoulder. Unfortunately Draxus is a horrible shot, and ends up shooting him in the back of the head, as the tiefling is dead before he hits the ground. Draxus finds this funny being that the whole reason he has been brought to this place is due to him firing through someone’s skull. Oh how he loves that boomstick…

Chapter 2: The Prophecy

As he starts to wander through the Shadowfell, he sees what Bob was referring to. How many of the prisoners of weaker origin appear to have been slaughtered by stronger villains on this plane, with no sense of law, order, or justice to be found. The Shadowfell is full of those who promised justice but never achieved it, and were sent to this fate because of it. Demonic-looking hieroglyphs are written in stone at the base of many of the crucified skeletons he passes, and even one in Dragonborn skeleton with Draconic writing referencing Tiamat.

As he continues to wander through Shadowfell, he comes to a crossroads with a strange corpse on a crucifix with black skin. His eyes are sewn shut and the lips around his mouth sewn open, and smiling a giant demonic smile. Suddenly the corpse looks upward and Draxus follows his gaze and he sees a strange light in the sky off in the distance. As it seems to be approaching, it appears to be a giant fireball. As it gets closer, Bob starts to shake in a strange manner that Draxus has never felt before, but suddenly feels it is a good idea to run in the opposite direction of this giant fireball. As Draxus turns to run, the ball seems to speed up dramatically, and Draxus hardly takes two steps before being consumed by it.
Oddly enough, the ball did not burn Draxus, but instead twisted and turned him violently until finally dropping him. Luckily this time his fall was considerably shorter, and as he arose to his feet, he looked around to realize he had yet again been transported to yet another realm, this one consisting of much flame, lava, and brimstone. He faintly heard Bobs voice but could not make out the words he was saying. Suddenly a pillar of fire burst into existence in front of Draxus and from within the pillar stood a human.

Human: “Greetings, Draxus of Kiorn.”

Draxus: “Hello…person I’ve never met before. Now tell me who you are and how you
know my name before I frag you and throw you into that comfy-looking lava pit over there.”

Human: “No need for the hostility, Draxus, I am your friend. And you may call me

Draxus: “That’s one question; now answer the next, Bastich!”

Dilahn: “Patience, my friend, for what I have to offer you will want to hear because it
offers you your freedom and great power.”

Draxus: “Look, I don’t know what your cult is offering this time around but i am not
interested and no I am not donating money or seeking eternal salvation with an alien overlord, so point me in the right direction of the exit and I’ll be on my merry-fraggin-way.”

Dilahn: “I was referring to the pendant you wield that is stuck around your neck and the
great power that can be bestowed upon you by an even greater deity…”

Draxus: “…oh….THAT freedom…okay, let’s hear your pitch about that and this so
called power…”

Dilahn: “Judging from your stature and great…intelligence…I’ll make this as quick and
to the point as possible.”

_ (Pulls out ancient looking parchment written in ancient looking language). _

“Sign on the bottom line of the contract and great power will be bestowed upon you and the presence of Bahamut will be removed from around your neck. You shall be a free ma…err…dragonborn.”
Bob continues to shake more violently but Draxus can still not make out the words he is saying.

Draxus: “And what of this so-called power?”

Dilahn: “My master is always looking for powerful warriors and bestows upon his elites
unimaginable power to fight for him in his stead, once they become his.”

Draxus: “…become his…?

Dilahn: “Yes, when you sign that parchment, your soul becomes the property of my
master, and once you die, you belong to him to do his bidding.”

Draxus: “Well, as long as I’m done with it by then he can use it.”

Dilahn: “Good, then we are in agreement, simply sign the parchment in blood and the
deal will be done.”

Draxus: “This better be worth it…”
Dilahn smirks as Draxus says these words and reaches behind him to slice the end of his finger on his battleaxe. Draxus reaches for the parchment and signs his name in blood. Immediately after removing his bloody finger from the paper it rolls itself up and flies across back to Dilahn’s hand.

Ch. 3 – The Purging

Dilahn: “Excellent, and now to collect…”
Suddenly 4 pillars of fire similar to the one Dilahn appeared from surround Draxus and figures of red dragonborns appear from them. These dragonborn look unnatural; Eyes glazed over in a glowing white with no pupils whatsoever. Their scales looking beaten, worn and torn as if they are a few centuries old. These dragonborn are obviously no longer living but not quite dead.

Draxus: “Wait a sec, I though I got power, got Bob removed, and when I was dead he collected the body.”

Dilahn: “Someone didn’t read the small print. My master collects when you die, he failed
to specify when or where. You shall become one of these soulless dragonborn.”

Draxus: “Deals off then, Bastich. Give me the contract back or I’ll frag you to the 5th
level of hell.”

Dilahn: “Well, were already on the Outer Torments, which is right outside the gates of
hell, but hell is far worse then this. It’s really not that far of a walk, actually. You can have the contract back when you can take it from me.”

Draxus: “….great, I am in hell, which means you’re probably a demon…”

Dilahn: “I AM A DEVIL!!!”

Draxus: “Right, because obviously there’s a significant difference between the two.”

Dilahn: “I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching you die…Minions of Azmadeus, it is
time for the…initiation….of your new brother.”

Draxus: “Oh frag me…”
All 4 of the undead Dragonborn lunge at Draxus, who is frantically reaching for his battleaxe knowing that this is more than likely the end for him, when suddenly his pendant has a familiar burning sensation surge through his body, but instead of blasting him, it seems to have blasted the 4 dragonborn lunging towards him.

Bob: “Draxus, you truly are a fool.”

Draxus: “You know Bob, would a few words of encouragement or an ‘I’m glad you’re
safe’ be a little too much to ask?”

Bob: “We are away from the realm I can protect you in, Draxus, I don’t believe you
realize how dire this situation is.”

Draxus: “Feel free to enlighten me.”

Bob: “Unless I go against Bahamut’s direct orders not to unleash your latent powers, we
you will most likely die.”

Draxus: “Latent powers?! Why am I never informed of what the frag I am!?”

Bob: “You are the dragonborn prophesied to rebuild Arkosia; a latent scion of Bahamut
that is set to restore the great city and restore order among his followers.”

Draxus: “Do what to whom when why and where?! Geez Bob, you have horrible timing
springing this shit on me.”

Bob: “I will unleash your latent powers on one condition, once we retrieve the parchment
with the soul pact on it, your latent powers will be locked again until the appropriate time, agreed?”

Draxus: “Finally Bob, we’re using teamwork! Let’s frag some Bastich’s!”

Bob: “This is going to hurt a bit, but the after-effects, as you would say, will be

Draxus: “I think I am starting to finally like you Bob…”
Suddenly Draxus feels a surge greater than any Bob has ever rendered through him. The pain is almost unbearable, but immediately following the pain all over his body, he feels a massive amount of energy. Suddenly one of the soulless dragonborn is upon Draxus during this transformation, but it seems as though he is moving in slow motion. Draxus punches the dragonborn directly in the face, causing him to fly back to where a pool of lava lay, and land in it, sinking immediately. The only remnants of him are the black residue on the surface of the lava. Draxus smirks at the awesomeness of this new power, until he feels the next surge of pain shoot through his back and a strange pressure build. Suddenly he hears a ripping sound and immense pain that suddenly stops. He turns around only to see Giant black wings have sprouted from his back. The other three dragonborn are charging at Draxus, which he easily jumps and starts flapping his wings. Unfortunately for Draxus, he has no idea how to fly, and the soulless dragonborn have abnormal strength, so jumping up and pulling him back down to the ground is nothing out of the ordinary. This enrages Draxus and he immediately swipes his wing knocking all 3 dragonborn back into a mountain wall. Draxus rears his head back to use his acid breath on them, but suddenly Bob inputs the thought of ice in his mind, and the next thing Draxus knows is he is blowing ice breath on the 3 dragonborn. The 3 dragonborn are now frozen with expressionless faces. Draxus takes his wing and slashes through all 3 ice blocks, shattering the 3 dragonborn inside. Draxus now turns his attention to Dilahn, who is still standing on the other end of the plane. Draxus clumsily takes flight, taking his battleaxe in hand and swiftly flies with incredible speed at Dilahn, who still only stands there, smirking.

Chapter 4 – The Penalty

Draxus rears his axe back, his eyes ablaze with green flame as he is about to strike a fatal blow to Dilahn. As he is about to strike, Dilahn raises his hand and stops Draxus mid-flight.

Dilahn: “Did you forget our deal?”

Draxus: “Soul….back…now…Bastich!”

Dilahn: “Apparently not, so I’ll refresh your memory. Say bye to “Bob.” Or more
accurately, goodbye Boirghend, angel of Bahamut!”
Draxus’ Pendant is suddenly engulfed with a strange intense black flame, seering Draxus’ scales upon his chest causing immense pain and turning his scales around the pendant gray. Suddenly Draxus can hear Bob screaming in agony.

Draxus: “You…Bastich! I’m gonna make sure when I frag you is going to be nice and

Dilahn: “You have to live in order for that to happen, bwahahahahahahaha!”
As Dilahn is in the middle of his maniacal laugh, he fails to realize that Bob had cast a strange aura about Draxus, and without a second thought, a bright flash, similar to the one that brought Draxus to the Shadowfell, repeated itself, and suddenly Draxus felt himself hurled in a direction, which at this point he was positive it was up.

Draxus wakes up in the middle of a field, not sure where he is or how he got there. His new wings and power seem to have left him, and immediately he feels anger swell on the loss of his power given to him by…Bob…

Draxus: “You alright, Bob?”

Bob: “I…don’t have much time left. I used the rest of my power to transport you back to
the material plane, the plane you are from.”

Draxus: “You dumbass! Why would you do that!?”

Bob: “I was not only chosen to set you on the right path, I was your guardian, and so is
my fate. You must rebuild Arkosia and bring about order to our people. And you must reclaim your….soul from that pact….I am sorry I could not do more, but with my dying breath, I leave you this…”
Bobs pendant suddenly lights up and changes from gold to Platinum, and suddenly Draxus feels more empowered than before.

Draxus: “Say can you do that change to platinum thing with all the gold I have? …..Bob?
Draxus stares at the pendant, and then realizes what Bob has just done.

Draxus: “You stupid Bastich! I am Draxus! I cower to no one and frag anyone who gets
in my way!…..and you’re the first person to ever sacrifice anything for me….I make this promise to you Bob, on this scar on my chest, that this necklace will remain on my neck until I’ve retrieved my soul, rebuilt Arkosia, and Slain the Bastich who killed you!”
Draxus realizes he can’t do this alone. Maybe his companions that have been with him for this journey are part of this whole prophecy thing. Perhaps the answers he seeks to these questions lye with seeking them out and finding what each of them are after. Vengeance will be had by Draxus…and it will be slow, and painful.


The Nentir Vale is Doomed Konrad