The unluckiest tiefling ever.

After slowly figuring out the Fell Court’s ill dealings, Bahscus was found out and left to die inside a burning tavern with our “heroes.” A few broken bones and a quick torture session later, poor Bahscus managed to crawl away from our honorable and not-overly-suspicious party. Bahscus then runs and tells everything he knows to the Lord Warden, and of course while walking out coincidentally comes faces to face with our heroes as they mercilessly run him down and force him to repeat everything he knows at sword point. For no reason.

Later on, Bahscus is captured by Melech Ambrose, who takes him deep below Fallcrest to an ancient temple of Bael Turath. There, Melech has his sacrificial dagger raised and ready for the kill when suddenly an arrow appears from the darkness and strikes Melech in the shoulder! Our heroes have arrived!

Then they got distracted. You see, they really wanted to kill the other guy in the room first. So while the heroes are providing Melech with the next to last soul needed for sacrifice, Melech obliges them and plunges his dagger into helpless Bahscus’ heart. This created a portal to the Nine Hells and summons a devil which will in no way be any sort of problem in the future.

But hey, that other guy had it coming.


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