The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Draxus: Eye of Deceit
Draxus: Eye of Deceit

Draxus: Eye of Deceit

Chapter 1 – Booty is A Good Place to Call Home
Ah, Booty Bay, my home away from home. Most know it as the red light district of Kraken’s Kove, but for those of us who know these streets it is paradise. It is not much, but it is ours. The wenches are pretty, the company’s true, and if you belong to my guild, the Order of The Banshees, then it is the place to be.

Captain Porter had us come into port for some kind of special mission gave me and my crew shore after beating Krein in drawing straws (lucky for me I rigged the game). I head to the Siren’s Song, where I always have a warm….spot….to welcome me, and she is named Veronica. She’s not the prettiest but she can curse worse than any sea dog I know and drink them under the table to boot.
After spending the night with my mates and having my way with my wench, the Cap summoned us back to the ship to greet a new client whom I had never dealt with. She was an old woman covered in cloak and had a claw of some kind. She hobbled around on a crutch in a rather pathetic fashion. I wanted to trip her, because when you are that pathetic, it is just too irresistible to make you hurt yourself before putting you out of your misery, but as long as the wench pays us I won’t get to frag her….sigh….
She did not join us on our trek which was unusual for clients, but instead sent a Wizard named Dreevan with us to head to some place called the Isle of Dread which I had never heard of. It is uncharted, but this wizard seemed to know exactly where to navigate us there.

Chapter 2 – Welcome to The Land of…Fire and Brimstone…?
One morning while we were steering through some fog the wizard stood at the bow of the ship chanting some mumbo jumbo in bohemian or something. Suddenly we saw land, and itappeared to be the Isle of Dread, judging from the giant volcano that was smoking in the middle of the island.

We lowered the row boats and headed to shore, since much to Krein’s dismay he drew the short straw again (heh). We reached shore and headed inland with Dreevan on his orders with some new members we had hired on at Booty Bay as the Captain and the other old seadogs stayed at the boats discussing something that sounded rather long-winded and dull, which is why I opted to follow Dreevan and hopefully score some loot. As we approached the mountain we heard a giant roar and felt a massive tremble. Something was heading towards us, and it was big.
There was a clearing to our right where we heard the bolstering noise from and we cautiously approached. I could not believe what I saw. It was a massive beast, very dragon-like but with no wings and very short stubby front claws. I knew what it was already, this must be what dragons do when desperate and they are few in numbers…create inbred dragons. As we moved away and continued with Dreevan’s directions, we saw many more of the inbred dragons, but of all shapes and sizes, which then it occurred to me that this must be an isle of banishment for not just inbred dragons, but inbred dragonborns! No wonder it was so hard to find, this place was made to hide my species’ shame.

Chapter 3 – Dungeon of Sorrow and Shame

We approached the base of the mountain where Dreevan pointed to a door with strange markings around it. He mumbled more mumbo jumbo and the door opened. Strangely as I drew my weapon and began to lead the way, he halted me and told me to guard the door and that the others would “suffice for his purposes.” Bastich….he was taking away from my fun (as well as all the loot) and I knew it. But I was under the Captain’s orders to listen to him so I had to stand guard as they entered the cavern.
A short time passed and I saw many strange lights and him yelling more of that mumbo jumbo very loudly. Suddenly an earthquake happened and the mountain bellowed and suddenly everything fell eerily silent. A few minutes later Dreevan emerged from the cavern with a strange box with a weird eye symbol that had teeth around it and was hovering on a golden disc of some kind.
Dreevan then instructed me to lead him back to the ship quickly because the bastich pissed something off, so I quickly obliged his request. We returned to the boats and found that the Cap and the other old seadogs were not there, so we waited a little bit. While waiting I realized that the other men that went with us were no longer….there. I asked Dreevan what the frag happened to them, and he just stared at me….making a grin that would make any normal persons skin crawl (Luckilt I have no skin). He betrayed the pirate code and deserved death at that point, but I knew I was outmatched and since he was not a pirate so I figured that the Cap had a plan for this wizard.

Chapter 4 – Grugg-a-lug Grugg-a-lug!
The Cap returned sometime later with the others. He then asked me to come with him to be “fully inducted” into the Order of The Banshees and he thought it would be a good idea to meet the guilds’ founder. I thought it strange since it was an ancient order but then again the Cap was off his rocker half the time anyway, so I thought I would humor him. He led me to a small stone enclosure with a hut in it and stopped, yelling: “When I come back from a mighty quest!” Suddenly I hear out of the hut “Grugg have no need for sleep or rest!” Suddenly an ogre emerged from the hut and gimped towards us down a stone path leading away from his hut. He was a rather big fellow and was using an entire tree stump for a peg leg. I learned he was the keeper of our guild and that his name was Grugg, who was a great Ogre chief centuries ago before being exiled to this isle by Ogres after burning down his own village….we got along great!

The Cap and Grugg thought it time to teach me the code of the guild that only its members know and is used across the 7 seas to identify members:

When I come back from a mighty quest
I have no need for sleep or rest
Just head to a tavern for a drink
And get so drunk I cannot think
A wench by my side and a jug of mead
These are the things that I most need
So I sit back and sing this song
And drink and party all night long.

Grugg instructed me to hold the order high because I never may knew when it will get me out of a bind since the order runs deep and is affiliated with many I would not expect. He said that since he was on an enchanted isle that travels through time that he would see me again. He sensed something about me that would change the course of history. I thought the Bastich was full of shit, but I humored him and gave him my thanks, then let him play with my boom stick, which was a bad idea since he shot himself in the peg leg (easy to see why he lost it in the first place). Nightfall set in after day of drinking with the Cap and Grugg where much debauchery ensued. After parting ways with Grugg and stumbling back to the ship the Captain did nothing to Dreevan, and much to my disappointment, and we returned, were compensated for our losses, and paid our cut. When the cloaked woman paid the Cap her sleeve slipped off and I saw her claw which looked like….a gargoyles…? I was glad this deal was done with and we could set back out to sea, and according to the Cap we had business in the Nentir Vale, so we charted a course to the east.
Please Use Me.

Please don’t discount the importance of at least occasionally making some sort of “diary entry”, even if you’d rather handle it privately over email rather than putting it up here. They’re a great way for me to keep tabs on what you guys as players think is important in the game. This, in turn, helps us all to avoid situations where you guys really want to go chase after MacGuffin B, but I’ve put all my effort into fleshing out the storyline for Main Plot A and thus I’ve got very little for you with regard to MacGuffin B.

It also helps me see if you guys overlooked a clue or plot detail that ended up not being as obvious as I thought it would be, so I can try to deliver it another way before you get too frustrated.

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Melech's Dilemma
What tangled webs we weave...


How had it come to this? Melech silently cursed himself for allowing his present situation to exist. A dozen of his fellow tieflings stared at him from across the table, eager for his response to Alech’s report. After all, it was Melech Ambrose who had promised each and every one of them land and holdings in the New Empire of Bael Turath. It was Melech who had assured them that partnering with the Porters’ Guild would be a financial boon. And it was Melech, in all of his conniving glory, who had promised them all that the Iron Circle was en route with its legions to help liberate them from the Lord Warden’s supposed “order.”

And yet here Melech sat, at a loss for words. His cousin Alech had managed to fend off this latest threat through clever use of the sewer system, but it was only a matter of time now. He had no explanation as to how or why, seemingly from nowhere, some splinter group from the Adventurers’ Guild had stumbled its way over his best-laid plans. His carefully assembled alliances were shattered and broken, and of course with these latest developments there could be no doubt Farron Markelhay’s eye had turned from the outlying roads to back inside the city walls. All of it made no sense. Was it just some random happenstance that his once-imminent ascendance was now being questioned by his closest lieutenants?

No, no. Surely this must have been some grand conspiracy put together by some of the finest minds in Fallcrest. Kellicson and his guild must have been playing footsy with some of the players around town. Was it being funded by Kamroth and his estate, perhaps? Had Kelson and his River Rats struck some sort of deal for control of the Fell Court’s operations? Maybe those silly Erathians down the way had managed to get their holy heads out of their asses…

But that didn’t matter now! Melech might have one of the purest noble bloodlines, descendant directly from Bael Turath, but it would all be for naught if he was the last member of House Ambrose! And from the looks his fellow Fell Court members were giving him right now, that was not outside the realm of possibility. Melech had to do something or else he’d be cannibalized by his own kind!

Wait. By his own kind. Perfect.

Melech had his response. The sly, unnerving smile that had served him so well made it’s way back onto his face. He would consult with his friends from Beyond the Red Veil. It was time to do some redecorating.

Konrad's Journal Entry #6

It has been 4 days since my last journal entry. After the incident in the Witchlight Fens we made our way to Harkenwold without any more complications. We ended up in the village of Albridge where Draxus “persuaded” a local to tell us where to find the any local rebels. We were told to go to the nearby stables where we would find this Dar Gremath. He told us to stir up some trouble to lure the Iron Circle out of their castle for a direct confrontation. He also said their were some Bullywugs that were raiding a place called Tors Hold and that they might agree to help the rebels if the bullywugs were dealt with.

One bar fight later we gained 2 new allies. A half-eladrin named Cilit and an interesting creature called Teldada. We found a map of a caravan route that was bringing supplies in for the Iron Circle. Our new allies proved their worth and helped us take out the caravan with little problem. We questioned a captive from our bar fight about the state of the Iron Circle and found out that the Minotaur Krein was a general under Nazin Redthorn the leader of this area’s Iron Circle.

On our way to Tor’s hold we discovered that one of the halfling villages we passed on the way to Albridge was destroyed. When we searched the remains of the village it was clear who had done it. Shadowmire had destroyed this settlement in revenge for the death of Chak and the other lizardfolk of that tribe. Finding no survivors we left and found out way to Tor’s Hold.

We found the elder of Tor’s Hold. His name is Bran Torsson…..not a very original last name. He agreed to lend swords to the rebel cause if we destroyed the Bullybugs that were located in a cavern not to far from here. My companion Draxus tried to bully him into giving us medical supplies. Upon seeing his daughter Becky I knew we could not take supplies. When I looked at her she reminded me of my daughter. I even decided to help her. It seemed like she had some sort of chronic disease in the lungs. I did what I could to alleviate the symptoms but I lacked the supplies to help her long term. With a heavy heart I left the village with my companions to the Toadwallow Caverns.

With our combined might and my guidance we persevered and defeated the Bullywugs leaving the chieftain alive for questioning. The chieftain knew little about the goings on in Harkenwold aside from what the Iron Circle told them. Upon being called an unnatural creature I must have blacked out with rage because I found myself walking back to Tor’s hold with my companions with a sick feeling in my stomach. When I asked them what had happened they told me I had transformed into a mindflayer and ate the creatures brain. Draxus seemed overly proud at that but I saw some worried expressions from my other companions as Draxus told me what happened.

When we got back to Tor’s Hold Bran kept his end of the agreement and would send their best men and women to help the rebels. He also said that we should talk to this druid due east of here and that she may be able to help us. We made our way to the Druid’s Grove and met the druid Reithan and her two assistants a halfling and a young human male. She thanked us in our effort to eradicate the unnatural bullywugs and told us that there is a tribe of nomadic elves called the Woodsingers that might be able to help us. They lived in Harken Forest far to the south. I had never heard of elves being nomadic. Where I came from they mostly lived in set villages. I guess their customs are different here in Nentir Vale.

When we left I changed into my elven identity, Adran Stormhand. On our way to the Woodsingers we passed the halfling village again and found that it had been ransacked. Cilit said the tracks were most likely from goblins and wargs that ended at the edge of the river. With no other options available we continued to Harken Forest. After a couple of days of traveling we made it to the outskirts of where the druid told us where the Woodsingers were last. We were met by a couple of scouts and escorted to Eriyel who is the chieftain of the Woodsinger elves.

I was correct in assuming that we would have to help them out with problem before they lent their bows to the rebel cause. They said there was a taint in the forest that was caused by this evil wizard was allied with this tribe of goblins that were the Woodsingers hated foes. They gave us a vial of green dragon’s blood to use on this circle that would take us to wizard’s lair. I saw Draxus shuffling off with Eriyel and both came back a while later straightening out their clothes but Eriyel had an unsatisfied look on her face. We are now currently on our way to deal with this wizard.

A Rouge Recounts
DAMN his Wilden ways, I have finally broken down and decided to start chronicling my

adventures. Telldada has been hassling me to do so almost since the moment we began traveling
NAY since the moment he started following me (he says it will be beneficial to have a
transcript of events from both sides and it will help me be at peace….peace..the only peace I
know comes at the seeing the bottom of a mug of ale after partaking in some erotic encounter I have managed to talk some bar maiden in to). I was following the Winter River traveling through the Winterbole forest because I was told it was an efficient route to reach Kings Road, I was on the trail of Jacques Duquesne or The Duke (a swordsman who…..damn Telldada’s eyes for making me even mention that monster,I WILL NOT speak of him at this time).

The forest had not yet proved to be dangerous in any way and I was making great time until I felt a familiar feeling at the nape of my neck. The wind swirled and the familiar feeling of ancient magic and an electric energy filled the area….The Fey. I haven’t seen a Fey crossing in more than a decade and I followed the feeling until the energy was at its peak. With wide eyes I see the portal and hope sparks in my heart, I have not laid eyes on her in so long, I hold my breath and out of the Fey steps what I came to find out later is a Wilden. At the time I had heard mention of these Mystical Bird-men but thought them the consequence of too many pints weaving there way through confused/frightened men trying to weave a tale. He/she stared blankly at me as I drew my blades… “Friend or Foe creature”.

He immediately came towards me eyes filled with wonder saying nothing yet writing furiously on a parchment. Walking around me murmuring to himself I knock the parchment from his hand and ask " What the hell do you think you are doing?". He picks up his parchment and in almost a whisper apologizes and goes back to writing. He informs me he his here to chronicle life outside the Fey, it is his calling to chronicle fabulous tales of adventure. “Well good luck to you” I say as i walk away. The creature who has informed me it is called Telldada begins to follow me and ask where I am headed, I inform him. He asks if I can guide him to the nearest settlement. “Fuck off, I have business of my own that needs attending.”

Needless to say……it has been over a year since that day, The Duke’s trail has led me/us to Harkenwold, much has happened since then but I tire of this, so I will find my closest pub and see if can find out anything interesting, or at the very least get into some trouble….\\

Recollections of A Dragonborn: Fraggin’ Eunuchs…

Recollections of A Dragonborn

09-13-2011 – Fraggin’ Eunuchs…

After we poured the Green Dragons Blood into the stone circle in the Eladarin ruins of Dal Nystiere and had a nice “warp” effect like the one Bob sent me through ages ago, we wound up in some Goblin stronghold. Without missing a beat, that new chick in our group started spouting off something to them in Goblin, which I think hurt more than helped. There was one dressed up in a funny headpiece atop a stairwell, I figured him to be the leader, only to later find I was wrong. After the new chick kept attempting to talk to them and failing to convince them of…well, whatever the hell she was saying, we decided as a group to do what were good at…Lo-Kag shot at the eunuch goblin with the head dress. After that I dashed forward to split the nearest goblin in two with my sword and as his close friend (supposedly more) went to attack I merely grabbed his head and crushed it…such a waste of a skull…

As the battle continued, I heard a crinkling sound and turned to my left only to peer across the room at a Giant spider. I turn towards the spider, knocking my sword against my shield to gain its attention to yell my battle cry at the beast, “Bring it, Bastich!” My battle with the spider was delayed due to the goblin eunuch blasting all of my comrades. I decided it better to charged up the staircase and…bring him down to our level, and leave the 8-legged wonder to be fragged by my comrades. As I kept charging up the stairs, the eunuch kept blasting me with some skull on a stick and some strange magic that kept surging through me that was hard to resist. Unfortunately for him, I am stubborn, and after charging him, knocking him off his platform and somewhere close to where Conrad was to meet his demise, I think he finally learned that. About that time their leader finally appeared, it was skeletor!

Lo-Kag attempted to make a staircase of arrows to reach him quicker, but being a dragonborn I know my odds of scaling walls with flimsy pieces of wood stuck in them to help the process, and opted for the normal staircase. A sudden flash of light appears from the stone circle for all of us to see a new figure standing within the circle, and it was a fey child that looked like the current new chicks sister! For some reason those chicks seemed to have some sort of disagreement and the next thing the rest of us spectators know are that we are shrouded in mist next to animated skeletons (yeah, skeletor apparently is a necromancer).
After making quick work of one of the skeletons and causing the other to attempt to flee up the stairs, he was abruptly stopped with the sinking of my handaxe into what was left of his skeletal structure, the only thing remaining of him being my axe holding his now split skull in the rock. Skelator used much of his might to keep me on that staircase, and only delayed his own demise as the new chick scaled Lo-Kags staircase (damn small bastich’s) and ended the bastich known as Skeletor.

Being deprived of scavengering that necromancers cool skull and having to settle for the split one from our still fresh battle, we all started looking through the room for hints as to where we were. While looking for a place to sleep (lets face it, I fight, I leave the rest of the work to the others) I find a strange looking chain in a chest I was going to use as a pillow. Stangely it looked like the chain had a slot that could fit into the bottom slot in the hilt of this sword I received from that elf back in the swamp. I connected them together and realized it must have been some ancient warriors weapon that used this to throw my sword and pull it back with no repercussions! The next time I battle, I am going to thoroughly enjoy fraggin someone with this new toy of mine.

Konrad's Journal #8

Oh gods where to begin…this day has been one of the most craziest days. It’s in my top 5 right below that time the Raven Queen tried to make me her consort. (I’m still trying to avoid her.) So after we defeated the undead necromancer and his goblin minions that female eladrin disappeared. I have a feeling we will be seeing her again. With all her sneaking about I’m thinking she may be of my former profession. I surveyed the aftermath and found Brandis close to death. I patched him up for the time being until we got back to the elven camp. We also found that the necromancers skull is still animated and we got a little bit of information out of him. We decided to leave him in Cilits care for now.

We apparently had to perform some sort of “ritual” to get out of Yisarn’s lair. I personally think he’s making fools of us. We made it back to the Woodsinger Camp and told them of the Necromancer’s defeat. They agreed to send their runners out to lend many of their bowmen to the rebel cause. We decided to camp with them for the night and head out next morning. While sitting by the fire a rider approached. It was a halfling that brought news of the Iron Circle. They were making ready for their assault against Albridge and any men or women that could take up a sword for the rebel cause needed to make their way there by tomorrow.

I saw Cilit slipping off with a young female elf and shortly after she was running out crying. Unfortunately due my natural charisma in my elven form I had to turn down advances by many of the younger elves who were inexperienced. Two of them were even bold enough to visit my tent when I retired for the night. Gods it’s getting harder to fend off these urges. It’s been years since Meriele was taken from me. I wonder how she would look upon me surrendering to my natural urges. May Sehanine watch over me when I finally succumb.

After a restless night we made our way back to Albridge. They rebel leaders were in a war council and they set us to some tasks to help prepare the army for battle against the Iron Circle. After settling some petty squabbling with some leaders and thinking of any military strategies that would apply to the situation Yisarn spoke up about an idea. With our help he could summon an undead army to assist us in the battle for Albridge. Dar Gremath wasn’t keen on the idea but in the end he allowed it as long as we took the blame ourselves if the undead got out of control.

We made our way to Marl again to summon our army which we did and we then had them dig themselves on opposite sides of the road next to the bridge heading into Albridge. Afterwards we made ready in the small farmstead and waited for the Iron Circle to approach. They sent a small detachment to secure the farmstead where we quickly made short work of them. We kept the lieutenant alive but he offered no information. Again we used Yisarn to raise those we had slain and now we are heading out way to strike at the rear flank of the Iron Circle army. They have no idea what they are in for.

A Rogue Recounts #2

So hear I sit once again putting pen to parchment I have been in this tavern for
quite sometime and nary a thing is going on, the people hear seem frightened. Oh and it goes
without saying that it is harder to find an attractive woman in this town then a dwarf who can
shake hands with a giant without a ladder. So hear I sit putting my thoughts and emotions to
page as Telldada has been telling me to do, there is a noisy group of Iron Circle guards that
have been keeping an eye on us while I write. I pray to Sehanine that something interesting
happens soon before I drink myself into a stupor and do something or someone I regret.

Where was I ohhhhh Telldada, following me around writing like a man (?) possessed. I was making my way south towards Kings Road when up ahead I spot a wagon up ahead with a lonewoman sitting next to a broken wheel…something was off I make my way to the tree line and continue to pass by her unseen when I notice Telldada has kept walking down the road nose in parchment. I decide to continue forward and leave him to his own devices. Of course then I hear them “What the fuckin ell ahr yew???” “Got any gold.” “Da wagan is broke and any bit ill elp.” . DAMN… or fly you damn bird! Two oafish looking idiots and a tiny weasel like man come out from inside the wagon. “Yah…where is your gold?” Telldada looks up from his parchment just looking at them confused yet obviously fascinated. “Gold? I have some yes! Do you need some to fix your, what was it? Wagon?” He pulls out a fat little sack of gold….Damn I could’ve just stolen that myself…I;m getting soft. One of the brutes pushes him to the ground and grabs the bag….." Tanks !" If anyone is having that gold it’ll be ME.

The oaf turns with a smile on his face when an arrow hits the bag and pins it to a
tree. They all turn to the forest when I come vaulting up the back of the wagon running across
the roof then jumping towards them….before i land I toss my bow into the chest of the closest
oaf. He instinctively grabs it…mistake….I land at his feet dig my dagger into the inside of
his knee and then unsheathe my blade catching the bottom of his jaw with the hilt…one down. I
tumble over his body grabbing my dagger during the flip and sweep the legs from under the other
idiot, hen quickly turn and toss my dagger into the side of the cloak of the “brains” of the
operation it sticks to the side of the wagon. The oaf is getting to his knees so I flip onto his
back and drive my foot into the back of his head. The woman hasn’t moved but she is quite
attractive…I give her a wink and then head towards the last man. He gets my dagger out and
throws it at me…well attempted to throw it, I have seen armless wenches toss a mug of ale with
more accuracy. I snatch it from the air sheathe it and garb his chest and shove him into the
wagon. Tip of my blade at his neck…I lean in and whisper “Got any gold?” he whimpers something
but points to the wagon. “Are you going to kill us?” he murmurs….“Why would I do that? A good
thief learns from his mistakes and lives to thieve another day. I will take your gold and be on
my way.” I walk into the wagon and and grab small bag of gold. I exit and actually really liked
the cloak this little man is wearing and it is much to long for him, I think the poor soul that
lost this cloak would rather it be on my shoulders . “Your cloak..NOW!” He hands it over I put
it on then I ask the young lady if she would enjoy some more sophisticated company, she nods and
I take her hand. The man is shaking with anger but is silent, I walk towards the bag of gold on
the tree I grab and my bow. I make my way to Telldada, “You are not going to get much written if
you are dead! I will hold your gold and escort you to safety.” I extend my hand and as he stands
his eyes widen….I push him away, and immediately turn and catch the mans arm as I drag my
dagger across his throat a slight gurggle escapes. I garb the back of his head and help him to
the ground gently " A wise man knows when he is beat,you now know that you are dead…no second
chances!" as I dig my dagger under his ribs. I stand, let out a sigh….."Alright now….who is
thirsty?’ and we continued towards Kings Road. I honestly wish that was the last of our
troubles…but then again I really don’t.

These Iron Circle soldiers are getting louder and louder and have made there dislike of Telldada and myself very evident….I have had a couple of pints, let me offer them
one……..This WILL be fun.

Dragons and Shellfish
It's fun to play with food.

This one wriggled more than most. The problem, Shadowmire mused to himself, was that the metal shell was thick and his subject was spirited. Ofeen Nole, that was what it had called itself- though you’d think it’s name was Pelor as much as it kept screaming that particular invocation. Another dragon might consider the screams that humans make upon death to be grating or even sickening, but Shadowmire felt quite the opposite. He was elated.

Shadowmire had heard that some of the lower races experienced a similar reaction to the death wail of a crustacean as it was being dropped into boiling water. He shuddered with delight at the thought of using such a method when he next had the opportunity, if only to see if they’d make the same whining sound.

This one called Ofeen Nole had only itself to blame. Chak and his entire war band lay dead and dismembered in the marshes. They bore the mark of the Blackmarsh, Shadowmire’s favored tribe, and they had been slain in defense of a… what was this primitive structure? A little hovel propped up on sticks, as if it were somehow defying the very marsh it was built upon? His marsh? The little stick-house annoyed Shadowmire, and in a single breath it was no more.

He spoke to the limp little thing: “The ship bearing your little gaggle of saviors bore east out of the marsh. They’ve left you. That is quite unfortunate, both for your sake and for the sake of all those peasants that pushed their little pieces of driftwood to the other settlements. I shall truly enjoy picking the limbs from each and every one of you I find. It’s quite a sensation you are feeling, isn’t it? To be unable to clap your little paws for the lack of arms to do so? Ah, but it is an occasion to applaud yourself! It is because of your impudence that I’ve decided to purge all of your… ilk… from my domain, and I have some truly wonderful things in store for your little insect colonies.”

There it was- the look of fear and hopelessness that Shadowmire so loved to see in his subjects faces. Perhaps the one called Ofeen Nole would serve as a testament to Shadowmire’s abilities in the persuasive arts- perhaps it would swear fealty in a hopeless effort to spare itself. He examined his specimen more closely. Then the creature spat at him, its demeanor suddenly changed to that of anger and defiance. A pity.

With a disappointed sigh, Shadowmire ripped her in half.


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