The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Draxus: Eye of Deceit
Draxus: Eye of Deceit

Draxus: Eye of Deceit

Chapter 1 – Booty is A Good Place to Call Home
Ah, Booty Bay, my home away from home. Most know it as the red light district of Kraken’s Kove, but for those of us who know these streets it is paradise. It is not much, but it is ours. The wenches are pretty, the company’s true, and if you belong to my guild, the Order of The Banshees, then it is the place to be.

Captain Porter had us come into port for some kind of special mission gave me and my crew shore after beating Krein in drawing straws (lucky for me I rigged the game). I head to the Siren’s Song, where I always have a warm….spot….to welcome me, and she is named Veronica. She’s not the prettiest but she can curse worse than any sea dog I know and drink them under the table to boot.
After spending the night with my mates and having my way with my wench, the Cap summoned us back to the ship to greet a new client whom I had never dealt with. She was an old woman covered in cloak and had a claw of some kind. She hobbled around on a crutch in a rather pathetic fashion. I wanted to trip her, because when you are that pathetic, it is just too irresistible to make you hurt yourself before putting you out of your misery, but as long as the wench pays us I won’t get to frag her….sigh….
She did not join us on our trek which was unusual for clients, but instead sent a Wizard named Dreevan with us to head to some place called the Isle of Dread which I had never heard of. It is uncharted, but this wizard seemed to know exactly where to navigate us there.

Chapter 2 – Welcome to The Land of…Fire and Brimstone…?
One morning while we were steering through some fog the wizard stood at the bow of the ship chanting some mumbo jumbo in bohemian or something. Suddenly we saw land, and itappeared to be the Isle of Dread, judging from the giant volcano that was smoking in the middle of the island.

We lowered the row boats and headed to shore, since much to Krein’s dismay he drew the short straw again (heh). We reached shore and headed inland with Dreevan on his orders with some new members we had hired on at Booty Bay as the Captain and the other old seadogs stayed at the boats discussing something that sounded rather long-winded and dull, which is why I opted to follow Dreevan and hopefully score some loot. As we approached the mountain we heard a giant roar and felt a massive tremble. Something was heading towards us, and it was big.
There was a clearing to our right where we heard the bolstering noise from and we cautiously approached. I could not believe what I saw. It was a massive beast, very dragon-like but with no wings and very short stubby front claws. I knew what it was already, this must be what dragons do when desperate and they are few in numbers…create inbred dragons. As we moved away and continued with Dreevan’s directions, we saw many more of the inbred dragons, but of all shapes and sizes, which then it occurred to me that this must be an isle of banishment for not just inbred dragons, but inbred dragonborns! No wonder it was so hard to find, this place was made to hide my species’ shame.

Chapter 3 – Dungeon of Sorrow and Shame

We approached the base of the mountain where Dreevan pointed to a door with strange markings around it. He mumbled more mumbo jumbo and the door opened. Strangely as I drew my weapon and began to lead the way, he halted me and told me to guard the door and that the others would “suffice for his purposes.” Bastich….he was taking away from my fun (as well as all the loot) and I knew it. But I was under the Captain’s orders to listen to him so I had to stand guard as they entered the cavern.
A short time passed and I saw many strange lights and him yelling more of that mumbo jumbo very loudly. Suddenly an earthquake happened and the mountain bellowed and suddenly everything fell eerily silent. A few minutes later Dreevan emerged from the cavern with a strange box with a weird eye symbol that had teeth around it and was hovering on a golden disc of some kind.
Dreevan then instructed me to lead him back to the ship quickly because the bastich pissed something off, so I quickly obliged his request. We returned to the boats and found that the Cap and the other old seadogs were not there, so we waited a little bit. While waiting I realized that the other men that went with us were no longer….there. I asked Dreevan what the frag happened to them, and he just stared at me….making a grin that would make any normal persons skin crawl (Luckilt I have no skin). He betrayed the pirate code and deserved death at that point, but I knew I was outmatched and since he was not a pirate so I figured that the Cap had a plan for this wizard.

Chapter 4 – Grugg-a-lug Grugg-a-lug!
The Cap returned sometime later with the others. He then asked me to come with him to be “fully inducted” into the Order of The Banshees and he thought it would be a good idea to meet the guilds’ founder. I thought it strange since it was an ancient order but then again the Cap was off his rocker half the time anyway, so I thought I would humor him. He led me to a small stone enclosure with a hut in it and stopped, yelling: “When I come back from a mighty quest!” Suddenly I hear out of the hut “Grugg have no need for sleep or rest!” Suddenly an ogre emerged from the hut and gimped towards us down a stone path leading away from his hut. He was a rather big fellow and was using an entire tree stump for a peg leg. I learned he was the keeper of our guild and that his name was Grugg, who was a great Ogre chief centuries ago before being exiled to this isle by Ogres after burning down his own village….we got along great!

The Cap and Grugg thought it time to teach me the code of the guild that only its members know and is used across the 7 seas to identify members:

When I come back from a mighty quest
I have no need for sleep or rest
Just head to a tavern for a drink
And get so drunk I cannot think
A wench by my side and a jug of mead
These are the things that I most need
So I sit back and sing this song
And drink and party all night long.

Grugg instructed me to hold the order high because I never may knew when it will get me out of a bind since the order runs deep and is affiliated with many I would not expect. He said that since he was on an enchanted isle that travels through time that he would see me again. He sensed something about me that would change the course of history. I thought the Bastich was full of shit, but I humored him and gave him my thanks, then let him play with my boom stick, which was a bad idea since he shot himself in the peg leg (easy to see why he lost it in the first place). Nightfall set in after day of drinking with the Cap and Grugg where much debauchery ensued. After parting ways with Grugg and stumbling back to the ship the Captain did nothing to Dreevan, and much to my disappointment, and we returned, were compensated for our losses, and paid our cut. When the cloaked woman paid the Cap her sleeve slipped off and I saw her claw which looked like….a gargoyles…? I was glad this deal was done with and we could set back out to sea, and according to the Cap we had business in the Nentir Vale, so we charted a course to the east.

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