Konrad AKA Adran Stormhand

Formerly an assassin for a devil


He looks like who he wants to look like.
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His mother and father were supposedly killed in the githyanki raid on the ship (they were one of the random people they kill each time they raid) they were on in the astral sea. The mother didn’t know the father was a doppelganger. They found out the child was a changeling and sold him on the soul market in the nine hells. He was bought by a succubus named Aliana. She taught him everything when it came to assassination. The years were long and hard. Konrad didn’t know it but in her sick and twisted ways she grew to care for him.

Aliana contracted him out to do various jobs first in the hells. After a while he was sent out on his own for jobs that took several years in the material planes. It was there after a botched job he encountered Meriele. He was gravely wounded after his cover had been blown by a mage advisor of the Baron of Darkwater who he was sent to kill. He barely made it to the outskirts of a neighboring town before he lost consciousness due to his injuries. When he woke up much to his surprise he was under the care of Meriele the local healer of Starhaven. She had sensed the goodness in his heart and had decided to save his life. Meriele Silverharp (her family has been known for their ability in the musical arts) is an elven bard. She has long dark auburn hair, blue eyes, 5 ft 9 in, medium build.

No one had ever shown him the kindness she had so he decided to stay in the town despite the contract on his soul. He took on the job as a guardsmen and became close friends with a dwarf name Thorgrim. Over the course of 3 years he got to know Meriele and eventually they became lovers. He told her much about his former life as an assassin even about him being a changeling. Even then she didn’t care. After a while a child was soon on the way. He was out doing one of his patrols in the town when the child was born. Thus he did not know whether the child was a shape shifter like him. When he got home he saw a beautiful elven baby girl whose name was Caelynn.

But happiness didn’t last long for the new family. Eventually Aliana became suspicious when he didn’t report back from the job that should have taken a year at most. She was enraged when she found out what had happened. (maybe a little jealous) She vowed she would take his family’s souls to keep him in line. One day when Konrad was coming back home from a stroll with Caelynn who was 5 years old now, he saw that his door was smashed in. Fearing the worst he told his daughter to run into the woods and run from anyone even her family if they didn’t say “Dawn is coming”. With that he went inside to literally face his demons.

Meriele had already signed the contract when he walked into the house. Aliana had told her if she signed over her soul Konrad’s contract with her would be null and void. What she didn’t know is that it was just another way to control Konrad into doing what they wanted. When she found out she told him to forget about her and take Caelynn and raise her far away from the influences of the devils. He barely managed to escape town with Caelynn and eventually ended up in the city of Duntir.

Duntir is a somewhat peaceful trade city. The people there are tolerant of all goodly races and even made exceptions for the few good people of the mostly evil races. Its also whispered that there is a special investigative force known as the Guild of the Faceless Men who contract their special service to those that need them. Mostly stopping elicit trades and other stuff that the normal lawmen cannot do. The Faceless men are in fact a guild made up of a few doppelgangers and a lot of changelings. By providing their services to ruler of Duntir and other good towns and cities in which there is a sister guild they slowly build a reputation that shape shifters like them can do good deeds. It will possibly take centuries for them to finally make an open community without fear or prejudice their kind always faces when their race is exposed but they work tirelessly to make that dream come true.

Eventually Konrad is contacted by them after they investigate his background. In exchange for his services they offer to protect Caelynn in their guild headquarters from Aliana and other devils. After a couple years of outstanding service he was summoned to see the head of the Faceless Men. Konrad was surprised to find the leader was changeling named Kurt. Kurt told him the ideologies of the Faceless Men and how Caelynn was somewhat of a guild mascot that helped take care of the members of the guild despite her being elven. Kurt promoted him to an independent guild member. Able to take jobs outside of Duntir with the sister guilds and help find more of their shape shifting brethren that were like minded. Being promoted to independent status was big promotion. Very few members left the city where their networks of spies were the greatest. He took the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks with Caelynn who was 8 now. When he looked at her he would always remember what he was striving for. One day he would be strong enough to return to the nine hells and save Meriele. After reassuring her he would be back in a year and would write when he could, he took the letter of recommendation for the sister guild and left for the port town. In the mean time Caelynn would be taught the ways of combat and diplomacy and such.

Konrad AKA Adran Stormhand

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