The Nentir Vale is Doomed

The Traveler's Journal #285

Today has been a pretty interesting day. I had just gotten back from my recent trip to Celestia. The Mountain Game this year was a Resurrection game so the slain players were brought back to life after 30 minutes instead of the next day. Some of my friends decided to join. One of us was chosen the honor of leading Bahamut’s forces and two others joined up with Kord’s forces. I however decided to accompany another friend in joining the battle with Moradin’s forces. After 3 long days of fighting Bahamut’s forces ended up holding two of the mountains longer than the rest of us and that gave them the points they needed for victory. Still I’ll never forget my surprise to find my friend riding on one of Bahamut’s dragons! When we finished with all the revelry I sent my friends on their way back to their homes. Little did I know that I was about to receive a surprise when I returned home.

My wife rushed out of our house that happened to be hidden deep within the Feywild at the time. I wanted our children to grow up in a plane full of magic and wonder rather than a dark or hellish plane that I had been raised on. My wife embraced me and with tear filled eyes told me what had happened. My daughter had taken a shine to my library and has been reading many of the books on the subject of the feywild and their denizens. Particularly the Arch-Fey. Apparently she had found a book that recounted a tale of maiden’s adventure in a labyrinth that belonged to an obscure Arch-Fey….Jareth the Goblin King.

Growing tired of having to watch and deal with the crying Tobias she foolishly recounted the very same words the maiden had said for the Goblin King to take the child away. She could not understand that such words have power in the Feywild. Tobias was spirited away and my daughter was given a choice by Jareth himself. Either go to sleep, pretend the incident never happened and she had no baby brother or brave his labyrinth and rescue Tobias before the thirteenth hour otherwise he would be turned into a goblin.

Furious I ripped through the fabric of time and space to step through into Jareth’s Domain. I was expected by Jareth apparently and was repelled to the outskirts of his domain where I met him. He was smart. He had set up a barrier preventing any beings of his power or higher from entering his domain. He told me if I were to interfere directly again he would have Tobias immediately turned into a goblin. I knew then what I had to do. I had to recruit a group of adventurers that were low enough on the scale of power that they could get into the labyrinth almost undetected. Luckily I know the perfect group for the task. So with a hop, skip and a jump back through time in my gypsy caravan I’m on my way to pick them up. It will nice to see Odin again. We had some good fun during the fall of Old Arkhosia.



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