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Recollections of A Dragonborn: Fraggin’ Eunuchs…

Recollections of A Dragonborn

09-13-2011 – Fraggin’ Eunuchs…

After we poured the Green Dragons Blood into the stone circle in the Eladarin ruins of Dal Nystiere and had a nice “warp” effect like the one Bob sent me through ages ago, we wound up in some Goblin stronghold. Without missing a beat, that new chick in our group started spouting off something to them in Goblin, which I think hurt more than helped. There was one dressed up in a funny headpiece atop a stairwell, I figured him to be the leader, only to later find I was wrong. After the new chick kept attempting to talk to them and failing to convince them of…well, whatever the hell she was saying, we decided as a group to do what were good at…Lo-Kag shot at the eunuch goblin with the head dress. After that I dashed forward to split the nearest goblin in two with my sword and as his close friend (supposedly more) went to attack I merely grabbed his head and crushed it…such a waste of a skull…

As the battle continued, I heard a crinkling sound and turned to my left only to peer across the room at a Giant spider. I turn towards the spider, knocking my sword against my shield to gain its attention to yell my battle cry at the beast, “Bring it, Bastich!” My battle with the spider was delayed due to the goblin eunuch blasting all of my comrades. I decided it better to charged up the staircase and…bring him down to our level, and leave the 8-legged wonder to be fragged by my comrades. As I kept charging up the stairs, the eunuch kept blasting me with some skull on a stick and some strange magic that kept surging through me that was hard to resist. Unfortunately for him, I am stubborn, and after charging him, knocking him off his platform and somewhere close to where Conrad was to meet his demise, I think he finally learned that. About that time their leader finally appeared, it was skeletor!

Lo-Kag attempted to make a staircase of arrows to reach him quicker, but being a dragonborn I know my odds of scaling walls with flimsy pieces of wood stuck in them to help the process, and opted for the normal staircase. A sudden flash of light appears from the stone circle for all of us to see a new figure standing within the circle, and it was a fey child that looked like the current new chicks sister! For some reason those chicks seemed to have some sort of disagreement and the next thing the rest of us spectators know are that we are shrouded in mist next to animated skeletons (yeah, skeletor apparently is a necromancer).
After making quick work of one of the skeletons and causing the other to attempt to flee up the stairs, he was abruptly stopped with the sinking of my handaxe into what was left of his skeletal structure, the only thing remaining of him being my axe holding his now split skull in the rock. Skelator used much of his might to keep me on that staircase, and only delayed his own demise as the new chick scaled Lo-Kags staircase (damn small bastich’s) and ended the bastich known as Skeletor.

Being deprived of scavengering that necromancers cool skull and having to settle for the split one from our still fresh battle, we all started looking through the room for hints as to where we were. While looking for a place to sleep (lets face it, I fight, I leave the rest of the work to the others) I find a strange looking chain in a chest I was going to use as a pillow. Stangely it looked like the chain had a slot that could fit into the bottom slot in the hilt of this sword I received from that elf back in the swamp. I connected them together and realized it must have been some ancient warriors weapon that used this to throw my sword and pull it back with no repercussions! The next time I battle, I am going to thoroughly enjoy fraggin someone with this new toy of mine.


Funny. Also I believe Cilit was the one that killed skeletor right?


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