The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Odin's log

Today has been quite… a day.

I had just arrived in Nenlast to stock up on supplies and find a room for the night, I saw an unusual bunch of adventurers. One of them was a Dwarven man who I swore looked exactly like my youngest child. They entered a building that led to the mayor’s office and I followed. Could it really by my favored son? The only one in all of Hammerfast who understood me?

I followed them into the building, but by the time I got there, they were already in a meeting with the mayor. As I was waiting for them to be done, I took a walk outside and saw two enormous bats fighting. they eventually smashed into the side of the building those men were in. After the fight, I and many of the guards and towns people ran to the almost completely demolished building to see if everyone was play. The five adventurers, the mayor, and his daughter were all missing. Maybe it wasn’t my son after all.

After what was left of the building was cleared of all the survivors, and the few who were less fortunate, I went to the mead hall. I met a man who gave me my next assignment. Name was… Shadow-something-or-other, a devil worshiper of sorts. After a few hours of making new friends with the help of some fine ale, I accidentally bumped into a gentleman, Konrad I believe his name was, who was with three of the five I had seen earlier, Draxus, Lo-Kag, and Rowan. After introductions, they asked if I was the Odin, father of Brandis.

Turns out they had been with my son for the past few months up until the bat fight. They somehow got transported the Dis, and one of them jokingly made a bargain with Dispater in which Brandis was traded for a friend of theirs. If only they knew how literal Dispater takes things. I saw him, though. My son, Brandis, had left Hammerfast and has become an accomplished adventurer. Even part of the Adventurer’s Guild!

If you are to be anywhere in Dis, I’m glad you are with Dispater. He may be cruel, but not nearly as cruel as the streets of Dis. I hope Dispater is as fair with you as he was with me. I’m sure your oddly named group will be able to help me find a way to get you back.


We will get Brandis back…..

Odin's log

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