The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Konrad's Journal #8

Oh gods where to begin…this day has been one of the most craziest days. It’s in my top 5 right below that time the Raven Queen tried to make me her consort. (I’m still trying to avoid her.) So after we defeated the undead necromancer and his goblin minions that female eladrin disappeared. I have a feeling we will be seeing her again. With all her sneaking about I’m thinking she may be of my former profession. I surveyed the aftermath and found Brandis close to death. I patched him up for the time being until we got back to the elven camp. We also found that the necromancers skull is still animated and we got a little bit of information out of him. We decided to leave him in Cilits care for now.

We apparently had to perform some sort of “ritual” to get out of Yisarn’s lair. I personally think he’s making fools of us. We made it back to the Woodsinger Camp and told them of the Necromancer’s defeat. They agreed to send their runners out to lend many of their bowmen to the rebel cause. We decided to camp with them for the night and head out next morning. While sitting by the fire a rider approached. It was a halfling that brought news of the Iron Circle. They were making ready for their assault against Albridge and any men or women that could take up a sword for the rebel cause needed to make their way there by tomorrow.

I saw Cilit slipping off with a young female elf and shortly after she was running out crying. Unfortunately due my natural charisma in my elven form I had to turn down advances by many of the younger elves who were inexperienced. Two of them were even bold enough to visit my tent when I retired for the night. Gods it’s getting harder to fend off these urges. It’s been years since Meriele was taken from me. I wonder how she would look upon me surrendering to my natural urges. May Sehanine watch over me when I finally succumb.

After a restless night we made our way back to Albridge. They rebel leaders were in a war council and they set us to some tasks to help prepare the army for battle against the Iron Circle. After settling some petty squabbling with some leaders and thinking of any military strategies that would apply to the situation Yisarn spoke up about an idea. With our help he could summon an undead army to assist us in the battle for Albridge. Dar Gremath wasn’t keen on the idea but in the end he allowed it as long as we took the blame ourselves if the undead got out of control.

We made our way to Marl again to summon our army which we did and we then had them dig themselves on opposite sides of the road next to the bridge heading into Albridge. Afterwards we made ready in the small farmstead and waited for the Iron Circle to approach. They sent a small detachment to secure the farmstead where we quickly made short work of them. We kept the lieutenant alive but he offered no information. Again we used Yisarn to raise those we had slain and now we are heading out way to strike at the rear flank of the Iron Circle army. They have no idea what they are in for.


This one should probably get read as the summary this week. Shiny point for you :)

Konrad's Journal #8

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