The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Konrad's Journal #15

It seems with one action I may have doomed my friends to a dark future. We had fallen down in a crevice in the side of the mountain to escape from those dreadful flying creatures. We followed the cavern to a huge door that could only be opened by knocking on it. Inside we found a huge orrery. Upon further examination of the room we found a crank we thought turned the planets around. Our newest companion a pixie named Nettle found a strange eye symbol. I however was too curious at how the orrery work so I began to turn the crank. If I knew then the horror I was about to release I would have ran back to face the Perytons.

As I turned the crank the planets spun around in a very fast manner. When I turned to look at my friends they seemed to be moving around as fast as the planets. I suppose I created a bit of a time distortion when I turned the crank. I wanted to stop but something kept urging me to keep turning the crank. Turn….Turn….Turn. There was a small crack that opened up and a small eye stalk appeared and stared at everyone for a moment. (Though to them it was probably a lot longer) It was getting harder to turn and finally when the planets were about to line up the crank seemed to stop. “Turn!” I swore I heard it aloud. With one final push the last planet lined up and there was a tear through the entire fabric of time and space and everything went black.

I was with Caelynn. I was explaining to her how I would be gone for a year and maybe a little bit more but I would be back. Hiding my sadness I walked through the guild hall to the ship that would take me to the Nentir Vale and to the Adventurers Guild that would be my new home for a while. I made it to the door when I was overtaken by darkness again. I then found myself standing beside the crank. That was not my only problem as I stared out in the middle to face a horrible creature that was beyond all of us. A Beholder.

My brave friends assaulted the many eyed creature. I even saw that Bahscus showed up for some reason to help. I tried to turn the crank back to see if I could send the creature back from whence it came but only succeeded it making the crank spin out of control wildly. I turned back to my friends and noticed that the wall had crumbled a little bit away and revealed a bit of some kind of outer dimension. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea. Face certain death at the Beholder or the uncertainty of the outside realm. Bahscus tore through the wall and we all barely escaped as Draxus got petrified and Odin had to drag him out with us.

We fell for what seemed like forever and found ourselves on a mountaintop. We found our way back to Nenlast and saw that it was seemingly abandoned. Remembering they used underground passages we looked around there and found nothing as well. It seems like the town had been deserted for years. We went back above to the mayor’s house to find that the roof had been rebuilt. Again it seemed like it had been that way for years. I had a sinking feeling inside of me. We checked inside the mayor’s house to find some recent disturbances. Apparently the mayor was still here and quite as crazy as before and probably more so. We talked to him but he wasn’t able to give us much information other than his favorite pastime is still eating deer.

With that we marched back to Fallcrest and avoided the major roads. To our surprise the town had taken on a fortress like appearance with the walls all fixed and guards roaming the walls. We were approached by some guards at the gates. When we introduced ourselves and told them we were of the adventurers guild they looked at us funny and sent one of the others away. My suspicions where confirmed. We had been sent ten years through time. The dwarves of Hammerfast had improved and mass produced Draxus’s Boomstick. (I had told Draxus many times that this would happen.) The adventurers guild had been driven away and broken up. Moorin being the leader of a radical organization still using the name of the Adventurer’s guild. The Lord Warden had proclaimed himself as some kind of emperor and had spread out to take Winterhaven. There is open war between the denizens of Hammerfast and the new Nerathi Empire.

Then it hit me. It has been ten years to Caelynn since she had last seen or heard from me. Who knows what could have happened to her. I focused on the task at hand though. We went through the sewers through the burnt out adventurer’s guild entrance. From there we went to Moorin’s tower. We met some people guarding the entrance near the wizards tower. They were members of the adventurer’s guild. After presenting them with our guild pins they led us to Moorin’s place. We were greeted at the door by Tik Tik. Moorin greeted us in his usual fashion. We questioned both him and Tik Tik about Ellithien but they wouldn’t say anything. Something wasn’t right.

We asked him about the devil statue and if he found anything out about it. He only heard whispers from it apparently. Nothing of value. I asked him if he had heard anything about the Faceless Men guild in Duntir. He said that he hadn’t heard anything in a long while and said the correspondences went through Faren’s office. He offered us a place to stay for the night but after talking it over with ourselves and deciding we couldn’t trust Moorin we left for Hammerfast to seek out Kellicson. After dealing with the guard and telling them that we were on our way to check out the Kobold Hall in search of Moorin. We were lying of course just to let us pass by. They said they would send out a guard detail to meet us there to help us look for Moorin. We quickly made our way towards Hammerfast making sure to keep away from the major roads and set up camp. I don’t think I will find much sleep tonight. My thoughts are on one thing. Who would know the most information in the Nentir Vale about what happened to my daughter?



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