The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Konrad's Journal #14

A great many things happened today. After settling down and having a few drinks in Nenlasts local tavern we were summoned and escorted to the Mayor’s house. Brandis rejoined us after being dropped through the ceiling by Paul the bat. It was after we met the mayor that everything literally went to hell. Paul and Tim the bat fought through the roof of the mayors house. Paul was the victor and left us in a shower of blood. Brandis attempted to check the mayor for magic but ended up touching the mirror behind him. His hand remained stuck in the mirror and Draxus decided to help which did nothing. I decided to help but ended up stumbling into both of them and all three of us were thrown into the mirror. Since nothing could be done to get us out we decided to get Lo-Kag and Rowan to walk into the mirror as well after they threw in the Mayor and his daughter.

After consulting with Yisarn we found out that we were in a transitional plane that sent us to whatever plane the most of us thought of. Unfortunately the plane that me, Draxus and apparently Yisarn thought of was the nine hells. As the City of Dis slowly came into focus I tried to get my companions into order of what to expect. We appeared in an alleyway and had a few moments to prepare our disguises so we could go around mostly undetected. We were approached by a devil who was interested in selling his torture services on my “slaves”. I asked him for a demonstration not wanting to be suspicious. He also gave me a whistle if I wished to use his services in the future.

That’s when things got worse. After being flayed by the whip Lo-Kag went crazy and shot me with his bow. The devil freaked out and I tried to salvage things by backhanding my “slave” and Lo-Kag stabbed me in the kidney area (luckily tieflings have kidneys in a different area so I wasn’t seriously wounded). The devil yelled something about a slave rebellion and we ran off the other way down the alley. Lo-Kag has always been something of an instigator in fights more so than Draxus. He’s becoming a liability. Next time he won’t be so lucky when picking a fight against a stronger opponent.

We ran past a wagon of corpses that Draxus upended to slow our pursuers who were slaves of many different races now running after us. We found a building with a gate that we holed up in for a few minutes to rest and gather our wits. While Lo-Kag kept the slaves at bay with his arrows through the locked gate we called upon Yisarn and his “methods” so raise the dead to give us some time to escape. We looked about in the roof of the building and saw a small island that had a tower which I recognized but didn’t think about at that moment. We realized that if we could make it onto that island we could break the dilapidated bridge from the other side and keep them from pursuing us further.

Easier said than done. We slowly made our way through the plaza taking out many slaves and even a enraged minotaur devil who Draxus thought was Krein. The body cart was thrown into the fountain by an ogre that was making its way through the undead and slaves alike. The rest of my friends make their way to the island. While I was busy with an opponent I felt searing pain and was hurled through the air onto the bridge where I black out for a second. Our newest companion Rowan brought me back with a potion and I dodged my way though the slaves onto the island. The ogre meaning to finish us off didn’t make it across the bridge as it collapsed under the ogre’s weight.

We didn’t get a moment to catch our breath as a single solitary figure made his way out of his tower which I now fully recognized. The devil-lord of Dis Dispater himself walked out to greet us. Since we weren’t already dead I knew in my heart what was about to transpire. Before the deal to be sent home was made Draxus jokingly offered Brandis for a night in exchange for Bahscus. The fool….before Draxus could rescind the offer Brandis was bound in hellfire chains. Draxus brought out his Bahamut and me book and with one look from the devil lord a corner of the book as set on fire. While Draxus was occupied I tried to strike up my own deal with Dispater. Lo-Kag for Meriele. I pushed my luck a bit to far by making a comment on how such a small deal is a problem for a devil of his status. He then revealed that it should be my daughter who I should be worried about.

My mind swirled at the possibilities. Could that be the reason why I haven’t been receiving any responses why my correspondences with my guild across the sea. I had to think of the here and now for the moment. We chose to dispose of a demon worshipper in our plane in exchange for getting back. Drawing out a piece of chalk Dispater drew us a door that led us back through the mirror. Bahscus was sent back through as well. Venting my anger and frustrations of our dealings in hell I lifted him up and looked Bahscus dead in the eyes “You’d better be worth it.” was all that I said.

We made our way back to the bar with heavy hearts as we attempted to drink our sorrows away when a dwarf bumped into us. Lo and behold it was Odin! Brandis’s father! Brandis had been looking for him for many years. We told him about his son and about out job to kill the demon worshipper which he told us that’s what he was going to do. We continued drinking and decided to meet back up the next day to go after this shifter.

In Loving Memory of Brandis Son of Odin!



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