The Nentir Vale is Doomed

Konrad's Journal #11

Madness….despair…..these are your true enemies in the plane of shadow. We had just retrieved the figurine that may help me and Draxus with our mutual Devil problem. On our way back we stumbled upon a ruined settlement in the Witchlight Fens that even Shadowmire dared not to tread. With the promise of treasures we set off into the settlement. As we entered we passed through a barrier to an Domain of Dread. Everyone seemed to have blacked out and stumbled to the ground for a moment but no one thought anything of it. I have a theory that this Domain of Dread is alongside the Plane of Dreams.

Soon enough after being chased by an undead legion we encountered the Dreadlord of the domain Finnister Crowley though we didn’t know it at the time. Saving us from the legions of the undead we entered the mansion up on the hill. We passed a second barrier that seemed to keep the undead out. Finnister brought us to an apparently new hallway the mansion had created just for us. On the front of the door in golden letters was “MOTHERFUCKERS”. On a side note Mr. Crowley seemed very paranoid and easily spooked. With only a look from Draxus it would send him scrambling back behind the group. As Draxus kicked yet another door in we entered the hallway. Inside we found other doors…these ones had our names on them. That’s when everything went to the hells.

Everyone seemed drawn to their own door. Before I could stop them everyone had entered their door on their own volition with the exception of Lo-Kag. Finnister ran away screaming and I saw a giant tongue grasp Lo_kag to drag him into his door. A couple of very slow minutes passed when everyone’s doors opened back up. It seems there were some kind of sinister illusions that preyed on their fears inside their rooms. Everyone seemed to be suffering from their own fears. Suddenly it was my turn as my door opened up. I looked inside to see my wife. I called Draxus to the room seeing as he never believed me when I told him I have a wife and child. Without thinking I immediately rushed into the room so certain that my wife was at last back with me.

I was such a fool. Before I realized what had happened Meriele had transformed…into Aliana. She said her parting words and the door closed sealing my doom. She had taken a chunk out of my neck but for some reason I lived on. Something wasn’t letting me die. With grim determination I pushed her off of me and fought her. I still don’t know whether it was an illusion or whether she has astrally projected herself her but for some reason she wasn’t as strong as she used to be. I suffered several serious wounds but I was able to dismiss her back to wherever she came from. The door back to the hallway appeared and I shambled into it.

I heard something calling me from the upper levels so I followed it. By the time I got back to the group the fight was over. Someone had destroyed one of the pillars to take out the creature guarding the exit. I staggered up to them and was about to explain my theory that is was also a part of the plane of dreams and that Mr. Crowley must surely be the Dread Lord of this Domain when my body failed me. I collapsed and though I was dead for sure. It was like I was in a dream. I was floating above the group. I saw Finnister lying on the floor with mortal wounds. I saw him stab Lo-Kag and heard him explaining we would be seeing him again in the Vale. Then…darkness.

I woke up and found myself in my natural form. I heard the other waking up and decided that I would reveal my natural form to them with a little trick. I fooled them I was dead for a couple of second and sprung back to life before they could divy up my wealth. (Greedy bastards) Strangely we all had rings on our fingers. They seemed to be pretty much useless only allowing you to change your eye color. And now I think we will be heading back to Fallcrest to take the statue back….hopefully this time with no side stops.


Um, how did Konrad figure it all out exactly? Sure he could suspect something was up but it seems a bit much to say he had Crowley pegged when he came back.

Konrad's Journal #11

They only ran into one person the entire time they were there. So he was 99% percent sure it was Crowley. Besides he got a really high knowledge check on the domain to recognize it. He just didn’t mention to the others about there being a Dread Lord.

Konrad's Journal #11

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