The Nentir Vale is Doomed

A Rogue Recounts #2

So hear I sit once again putting pen to parchment I have been in this tavern for
quite sometime and nary a thing is going on, the people hear seem frightened. Oh and it goes
without saying that it is harder to find an attractive woman in this town then a dwarf who can
shake hands with a giant without a ladder. So hear I sit putting my thoughts and emotions to
page as Telldada has been telling me to do, there is a noisy group of Iron Circle guards that
have been keeping an eye on us while I write. I pray to Sehanine that something interesting
happens soon before I drink myself into a stupor and do something or someone I regret.

Where was I ohhhhh Telldada, following me around writing like a man (?) possessed. I was making my way south towards Kings Road when up ahead I spot a wagon up ahead with a lonewoman sitting next to a broken wheel…something was off I make my way to the tree line and continue to pass by her unseen when I notice Telldada has kept walking down the road nose in parchment. I decide to continue forward and leave him to his own devices. Of course then I hear them “What the fuckin ell ahr yew???” “Got any gold.” “Da wagan is broke and any bit ill elp.” . DAMN… or fly you damn bird! Two oafish looking idiots and a tiny weasel like man come out from inside the wagon. “Yah…where is your gold?” Telldada looks up from his parchment just looking at them confused yet obviously fascinated. “Gold? I have some yes! Do you need some to fix your, what was it? Wagon?” He pulls out a fat little sack of gold….Damn I could’ve just stolen that myself…I;m getting soft. One of the brutes pushes him to the ground and grabs the bag….." Tanks !" If anyone is having that gold it’ll be ME.

The oaf turns with a smile on his face when an arrow hits the bag and pins it to a
tree. They all turn to the forest when I come vaulting up the back of the wagon running across
the roof then jumping towards them….before i land I toss my bow into the chest of the closest
oaf. He instinctively grabs it…mistake….I land at his feet dig my dagger into the inside of
his knee and then unsheathe my blade catching the bottom of his jaw with the hilt…one down. I
tumble over his body grabbing my dagger during the flip and sweep the legs from under the other
idiot, hen quickly turn and toss my dagger into the side of the cloak of the “brains” of the
operation it sticks to the side of the wagon. The oaf is getting to his knees so I flip onto his
back and drive my foot into the back of his head. The woman hasn’t moved but she is quite
attractive…I give her a wink and then head towards the last man. He gets my dagger out and
throws it at me…well attempted to throw it, I have seen armless wenches toss a mug of ale with
more accuracy. I snatch it from the air sheathe it and garb his chest and shove him into the
wagon. Tip of my blade at his neck…I lean in and whisper “Got any gold?” he whimpers something
but points to the wagon. “Are you going to kill us?” he murmurs….“Why would I do that? A good
thief learns from his mistakes and lives to thieve another day. I will take your gold and be on
my way.” I walk into the wagon and and grab small bag of gold. I exit and actually really liked
the cloak this little man is wearing and it is much to long for him, I think the poor soul that
lost this cloak would rather it be on my shoulders . “Your cloak..NOW!” He hands it over I put
it on then I ask the young lady if she would enjoy some more sophisticated company, she nods and
I take her hand. The man is shaking with anger but is silent, I walk towards the bag of gold on
the tree I grab and my bow. I make my way to Telldada, “You are not going to get much written if
you are dead! I will hold your gold and escort you to safety.” I extend my hand and as he stands
his eyes widen….I push him away, and immediately turn and catch the mans arm as I drag my
dagger across his throat a slight gurggle escapes. I garb the back of his head and help him to
the ground gently " A wise man knows when he is beat,you now know that you are dead…no second
chances!" as I dig my dagger under his ribs. I stand, let out a sigh….."Alright now….who is
thirsty?’ and we continued towards Kings Road. I honestly wish that was the last of our
troubles…but then again I really don’t.

These Iron Circle soldiers are getting louder and louder and have made there dislike of Telldada and myself very evident….I have had a couple of pints, let me offer them
one……..This WILL be fun.



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